USCG First Assistant Engineer, Unlimited Horse Power, Motor

USCG Chief Engineer, Unlimited Horse Power (Oceans), Motor

Third Assistant Engineer, Unlimited Horse Power, Steam and Gas Turbine also 

Chief Engineer of Offshore Supply Vessels of no more than 4000 HP or 3000 gross tons (ITC) also Designated Duty Engineer of Motor Vessels of no more than 4000 HP.

I also hold all the additional paperwork required to perform my duties domestically and over-seas, TWIC, Passport

Contact me for license number for online verification at USCG/NMC web site.

Republic of Liberia, Engineering Watch Officer

I currently hold an endorsement attesting to the recognition of my USCG license to sail aboard a Liberian flagged vessel as an Engineering Watch Officer.


III/1; III/2; III/4; III/5; VI/1; VI/2; VI/3; VI/4; VI/5; VI/6

III/1 - Engineer in Charege of a Watch (2ND, 3RD Asst Engrs, Asst Engr (Ltd), DDE)

III/2 - Chief Engineer & END Engineer Officers (1 AE)(4,000 Hp (3,000 Kw) or More)

III/4 - Rating forming part of a watch in a manned engineroom or designated to perform duties in a periodically unmanned engineroom (RFPEW)

III/5 - Able Seafarer-Engine

VI/1 - Basic Safety Training and Familiarization

VI/2 - Proficient in the use of surviavl craft, rescue boats and fast rescue boats

VI/3 - Advanced Fire Fighting

VI/4 - First Aid and Medical Care

VI/5 - Vessel Security Officer

VI/6 - Vessel Personnel Designated with Security Duties/ Security Awareness

Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)

OPITO certified course.  Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training -5700 - (Including HUET, METS Model 5, and EBS)

Expires 12 June 2016

IADC WellCAP-Introductory

Introduction to well control for drilling, work-over, and completions.

Expires 22 April 2017

IADC RigPass

Certifies the completion of an IADC HSE orientation for working in the offshore oil industry.


Oil and gas industry training for workers aboard offshore installations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Confined Space - Entry and Attendant

8 hour course for proper confined space operations including entry into the space and being an attendant to a confined space entry job.

Water Survival/ HUET

Water survival and helicopter underwater evacuation training (HUET)

H2S Safety

H2S safety course for workers that may encounter an H2S Environment as per 29CFR 1910.1200 and ANSI Z-390-1.  Also included fit-testing for MSA Ultra Elite SCBA.

EPA Universal Refrigerant Technician

Certified to work on refrigeration systems of any capacities that aren't in motor vehicles.

Certificate No: 0384007076300

Vessel Security Officer/ Company Security Officer (VSO/CSO)


Medical Person In Charge (Med-PIC)


GMDSS Radio Operator

FCC licensed operator in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid

Expires 25 April 2014.

Kongsberg KChief700 Step 1

HSV Type Rating

The operation of high speed vessels (HSVs) require that the officers complete a comprehensive training program in order that they can more safety operate these high performance vessels.  The in-house program consists of cross-training deck and engine department as well as comprehensive ship familiarization.

I hold current HSV Type Ratings for HSV WestPac Express

Expired Certifications - Some certifications have expired because they are no longer necessary but they show that I am capable of becoming certified again should the need arise.

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